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Professional, Expert Club Fitting To Enhance Your Game.

Once you have chosen your clubs, we will recommend the right shaft for you and the lie of the club head, which we will adjust to suit your swing.

There are a number of key features that have to be taken into account. These features are adjustments that can be made to your clubs to achieve the perfect match for you!

So, when we are fitting you for your new clubs we adjust the following:

  • Club Head Weight
  • Shaft Length
  • Shaft Weight
  • Shaft Stiffness
  • Shaft Kick Point
  • Shaft Torque (resistance to twist)
  • Lie of the club on the ground


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What shafts should I have in my clubs?

Getting the right shafts in your golf clubs to suit you and your swing is the most important aspect of club fitting.

Shafts come in different stiffnesses and possess other variables, such as kick-point and torque or the shafts resistance to twist.

How stiff the shaft needs to be will depend on how much club head speed you generate – the faster you swing the stiffer the shaft needs to be.

Shaft Torque – Or Resistance to Twist

The higher torque a shaft has the less resistance the shaft has to twisting and conversely, the lower the torque rating the more resistant the shaft is to twisting.

Both steel and graphite shafts have a torque rating, but when we are talking about torque we are usually talking about graphite shafts, particularly Drivers and other woods, as these are all made today with graphite shafts.

What about the club heads in my irons?

The type of heads you have in your irons will depend on your game, how you swing the club and how long you have been playing.

Just like any other sporting equipment there are a range of club heads on offer to suit the beginner through to the tour pro.

Effective Hitting Area – Or Sweet Spot

The biggest difference is how big the effective hitting area in the club face is. For a beginner or less experienced player a bigger sweet spot, means the club is more forgiving, if you don’t hit the ball right in the centre of the face.

Cavity Back Or Blade?

Cavity back clubs offer the biggest sweet spot and at the other end of the scale are blades. In between are a range of options including what are termed progressive irons, where the shorter clubs are nearer to blades and the longer clubs are cavity-backed.

Kick Point – In A Golf Club Shaft

This is another quality that affects ball flight and describes the area of the golf shaft that bends the most. This is either the towards the bottom of the shaft, in the middle or towards the top, or grip end of the shaft.

Your Golf Grips

This is one of the most important aspects of the golf club. The grip needs to be comfortable and fit your hands and feel.

Most clubs come with standard grips. When you order your clubs at The Range we will adjust the grips to suit your hands.


The Range at O'Halloran Hill is the largest floodlit golf and baseball range and coaching facility in South Australia.  It is conveniently located just 18km from the CBD to the South of Adelaide, just off Main South Road, the entrance is on Majors Road.


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