Golf Club Re-gripping

Need New Grips On You Clubs? Ask About Our Golf Club Re-Gripping Service.

The range has a fully equipped workshop and a fantastic range of grips to suit any golfer.

We’ve got grips from all of the main manufacturers in a wide range of colours, a good choice of materials and various price points.

Your grips are the only thing connecting you to the club. It’s therefore important to have them fitted correctly.

We don’t just throw grips onto your clubs and hope for the best. Everyone has different sized hands for starters. So the diameter of the grip has to be right for the size of your hands. If you have big hands and the grip is too narrow this will typically cause you to release the club too early and hit a pull or hook the ball.  If the grips are too large, you will have trouble squaring the club at impact and will hit a weak block or slice the ball. Not to mention that the wrong size grips are uncomfortable!

There are also a wide range of materials all with different qualities.

  • Cord
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Hybrid
  • Leather
  • Chamois
  • Cabretta Leather