Golf Lessons

Why Do You Want To Have Golf Lessons?

To improve your swing – certainly. But why do you want to improve your swing?

  • To hit the ball further?
  • To Hit The Ball Straighter?
  • Hit The Ball Higher?
  • Keep The Ball Down Into The Wind?
  • To be able to shape shots?
  • To Be more consistent?
  • To lower your scores?

The list goes on.

Whether you are just picking up a golf club for the first time, playing for fun, playing club golf of a professional, the teaching staff at The Range will be able to help you get more out of your game.

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A Passion For Golf

All of our staff are passionate about golf. Golf is a fantastic sport that is enjoyed by the young and old and can be played well into retirement.

We cater for all ages and all abilities. We take just as much care, with our higher handicap pupils as we do with our Golf Professionals and single handicap players.

Video Golf Lessons

Video lessons are a great way to enhance the learning experience. An alteration to the swing can feel strange to start with and having a visual reference of the position your are aiming to achieve is a great teaching aid.

Our Video Golf Lessons have help hundreds of players improve and enjoy the game more.

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Learning Style

A very important factor to consider when teaching is to understand a person’s, learning style.

You may not know what the technical description for your learning style is. But if you think about how you approach any new task – that will give you an idea.

A The Range we like to understand you as an individual before we start working with you. Don’t worry this doesn’t mean hours of conversation or reams of paper-work.

Your First Lesson

At The start of your first lesson your Pro will get you to hit some shots and will talk to you about your game, what you want to get out of it, how often you play and so on. Whilst you are conversing your teacher will also be working with you to establish how you like to learn.

We have rarely seen someone who doesn’t get a lot out of their first lesson.

Your Physique And Fitness Level & The Golf Swing

It is a common misconception that you need to be tall, strong and super-fit to hit a golf ball well. Whilst this may be a factor if you are playing at a high level where you have to compete for 4 days on the trot, it isn’t the case for the average golfer.

Good technique and timing will have a far bigger impact on the quality of your ball striking and the consistency of you game.

The Right Golf Swing For You

Not everybody swings the golf club in the same way. You only have to watch golf on television to see a big variety of swings that all the the job done:

  • Fast Rhythms
  • Short Back Swings
  • Long Back Swings
  • Upright Swings
  • Flat Swings
  • Open Stances
  • Strong Grips
  • Weak Grips

Some of these differences are due to physical differences and some to personal preference. However they all combine with other parts of a golf swing to allow the player to get the clubface square at impact and make a consistent pass at the ball.

We won’t fix what isn’t broken

Some golf professionals believe that there is only one way to swing a club. This leads to them trying to get there pupils to change things in their swing that don’t need changing.

The teaching staff at The Range have the knowledge, skill and experience to recognise the swing style that will suit you best. This means we can work with the good parts of your existing swing and adjust the elements that need attention.

Faster Results

We often get better results more quickly than many swing coaches, because we consider all aspects of your golf swing including you as an individual.

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Become A More Rounded Golfer

There are many facets to the game of golf. Having a consistent and repeating golf swing is very important, but there are other parts of your game that will need to be sharp too, if you want to score well.

Even top players miss fairways and greens and get into trouble. So in order to put together consistent scores they need to be proficient in other areas of the game.

These include:

  • Pitching
  • Chipping
  • Bunker Shots
  • Scambling
  • Putting


“Pitching’ is used to describe a golf shot that doesn’t require a full swing. The distance for a pitch shot is usually from 20 to 50 metres. Players are often pitching into a par 5 for their third shot when they can’t reach the green in 2 shots, or it is tactically better to lay up short rather than go for the green.

Making birdies on Par 5’s

If you can become really good at pitching you can get the ball closer to the hole on par 5’s and give yourself more birdie opportunities. You will also increase the number of pars you can make on longer par 4’s if you struggle to reach the green in 2 shots.

Things you can learn are:

  • How to alter the flight of the ball to suit the shot
  • How to get the ball to stop quickly
  • How to play from different lies
  • How to change the shot to suit the conditions

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Another important skill is chipping around the green.

During a round of golf, you are going to miss greens and if you are good at chipping the ball close it will make a huge difference to your score.

Imagine having to chip 6 times in a round and instead of having difficult putts for par you put the ball close enough to make 5 pars. That’s 5 whole shots saved during a round. What a difference that can make to your score!

Adapt and overcome

To be a great chipper you need to have imagination and be able to alter the shot according to the speed of the greens, slope and distance. This will often mean changing the club you chip with. To get the ball down and rolling more quickly you could use an 8 iron for example.

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Bunker Play

Sometimes you just can’t avoid going into a bunker, no matter how well you play. So be prepared. Learn how to hit good bunker shots.

There are a lot of variables that affect the way you play from a bunker, but essential a good sound foundation and understanding of the techniques involved in playing good bunker shots is always a good place to start.

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Whilst putting isn’t the most exciting part of the game for some – improving your putting is the quickest way to bring down your handicap. Putting is almost a game on it’s own.
There’s a very good reason the expression “Drive For Show, Putt For Dough” is so popular.

Here at the Range we can help with your putting too.

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Scrambling – What Does It Mean?

Scrambling is a combination of pitching, chipping & putting. So, it’s the process of getting the ball up and down to save par. Sometimes you won’t be playing at your best and being a good scrambler can save a score.